One of the best things about hardwood floors is that they continue forever. That’s because as soon as the surface becomes too marred by dents, scrapes, and scrapes, you can mend it using a fast sand and refinish. At , we have refinished countless timber flooring in the North Kingston area and made them look just like fresh. Whether your flooring are badly worn or you only wish to alter the colour of the stain, we make it simple with our dustless refinishing procedure. With just a few quick steps, we will be in and outside of your home in just a couple of days! This is our hardwood flooring refinishing process laid out in six simple steps. And we promise, it is really that simple!


We begin any remodeling or installation job having an abysmal consultation with you. We examine our hardwood flooring checklist with you and enable you to choose a blot color that you enjoy which can mesh with the style of your house. We can combine custom stain colours to find the specific colour you desire. In addition, we will need to ascertain the species of timber your flooring consist of thus we could care for them properly through the refinishing process.


We walk the ground to find squeaks, low spots, and irregular seams. Then we fix them by trimming from below and sanding planks to an even plane.


We use the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System® which divides the dust into a sealed tube that’s then carried to our trailer out. This dust-free system has lots of advantages:

No Have to vacate Your House
No need to board your pets
No Requirement to seal off rooms
No dust in your ductwork
No dust to ruin a perfect finish
No Powerful odors from stripping agents
Environmentally friendly


Once the floors are sanded, we analyze them closely to locate and fix any final problems. We fill any cracks, gouges or nail holes which we find left over.

Nextwe blot your freshly coated floor. We begin using a canning stain of your own choosing. We test it on your floor so you may see it. As soon as you’re happy with the colour, we employ the stain to the floor and replacement base shoe.


After the stain is dry, we complete the floor with three coats of an environmentally secure, durable and fast-drying top coating to protect your hardwood flooring from regular wear and tear. The first coat seals. The second and third coats build depth for years of durability. Pick finishes from reduced luster to a high gloss. Additionally, we display, buff, and vacuum between refinishing coats for the absolute best results possible.

Before you get your flooring installed, there is a bit of prep work which you could do to ensure that your experience is fast and flawless.

Move Furniture off Flooring
First things first, move off furniture of the area where the flooring will be refinished. So when the installers arrive, then they’ll be able to get going straight away.

Schedule Tasks Out of the Home
With the current dustless refinishing, there’s no requirement for you to leave your property. But if our staff is functioning in a frequent area of your home, it may be more convenient for you to schedule activities from the house. This is likely to make the experience feel intrusive.

Retrieve Any Belongings from Rooms Beforehand
Before we get started on refinishing your home’s hardwood flooring, be sure to recover any possessions that you may need in the subsequent 24 hours. By way of example, if you are installing hardwood flooring in the hallway and you also use things every day from the bathroom, which is accessed from the hallway, you won’t have access once the work starts.

Crate Your Pet
We recommend creating or comprising your pet for their safety. Oftentimes, homeowners may also gate off a section of the house for Fido to keep to roam.

These are just a couple of tips to help make the experience much better. If you are thinking about refinishing your hardwood floors, contact us online or give us a call in 020 3151 1470 to schedule your complimentary, in-home appointment.

Additionally download our FREE Guide to Maintain Your Wood Floors Seeking New by clicking the image below!

Decorative Stonework: A Timeless Classic

shutterstock_135503474Nothing in a house says”class” such as stonework. When it is a stone tile backsplash or a marble medallion, a well-placed stone piece always seems to impress. And while we frequently associate stone with all the grandiosity of a cathedral or palace, recent trends in house design and advances in stonecutting technology have put intricate stonework well within the reach of the homeowner.

Why Stone?

People have been using stone for a construction material for centuries. As it is one of the most durable of construction materials, it suggests strength and permanence. There is a reason it is so frequently utilized in churches, courthouses, and capitol buildings. It’s as though rock gives us the sensation of being connected to something larger than ourselves.

Low Care

In more technical terms, rock is a fantastic decorating and building material due to its strength and endurance. Therefore, it’s extremely simple to keep and the daily upkeep is minimal.


Stonework is quite simple to wash . Sweeping, dry-mopping, and cleaning or wiping with plain water ought to be enough to remove dirt and debris. A industrial cleaner might be used sometimes, though be sure the label suggests it is safe to be used on rock.

Never use acidic cleaners, such as natural acids such as lemon juice or juice. It’s also advisable to prevent powdered cleaners, particularly on milder varieties of rock, since they are abrasive.

Selecting Stonework

When choosing which rock piece is right for your house or office, it is a fantastic idea to familiarize yourself with some of the common types of rock , their characteristics, and their associated terms. For more information, be sure to get help from the pros at Oshkosh Designs.

Kinds of Finish

Stone bits come in a variety of finishes. You will often see stonework designated as either “polished” or even”honed.”

Polishing is simple enough to understand. This is most frequently performed on naturally lustrous stone varieties like marble and granite. This sheen might be dulled by friction and abrasives, so you may wish to prevent installing polished stone in high-traffic areas like entryways and staircases.

This process exposes some of the stone’s pores and removes a number of its natural sheen. Honing does not dull the look, however. You might consider it as the difference between a gloss printing and matte printing photo. Honed rock is frequently a fantastic choice for high traffic areas like staircases and entryways, as it doesn’t show dirt how polished stone does.

Frequent Stone Varieties


Among the most prized of building materials, marble is a metamorphic stone mainly composed of calcium. It’s compact but soft, which makes it effortless to shape nevertheless resistant to shattering. Marble has a very low refraction index, meaning that light may penetrate its surface prior to being refracted. This offers the stone an almost lifelike look. Sculptors have prized marble because of its natural shine and workability since early times.

Mineral streaks in a variety of varieties may add extra personality and colour.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and so is composed of layers of sediment — often fossil remains. Limestone is made up primarily of calcium and magnesium carbonate. It is usually light in color, often gray, white, or tan, and will occasionally include stripes or grains. As stone goes, it is fairly soft, and so may be prone to scratching.


Slate is a metamorphic stone usually derived from shale. It’s strong and durable, with lots of construction applications. It has a tendency to cleave in comparatively flat slabs, making it ideal to use for shingles and tiles. Slate is grainy in appearance and happens in a variety of colors, from green to red to gray, or even black.


Travertine is actually a form of limestone, composed primarily of calcite and shaped by underground flows. It is porous and, while often honed, also polishes well. It has a number of construction applications and is commonly used for tiles. Travertine is usually light in color, including lotion to brownish, including veins or bands of contrasting color.

Incorporating Stonework

If you’re wondering where you should place a stone piece on your area, the brief answer is: anyplace ! It’s true that a stone inlay may look great in just about any room in the house. There are several places, however, at which it can be functional in addition to attractive.

The kitchen is one place where stone works particularly well. As it’s simple to clean and (to a point) water-resistant , shiny stone makes for a natural choice of material for kitchen backsplashes. Oshkosh Designs provides a variety of attractive backsplashes to safeguard the walls behind sinks and stovetops.

Stone attributes can also add style and class to baths because, again, stone is largely water resistant. Including a stone border round a bathtub or a backsplash behind a vanity can leave a charming belief in an otherwise unremarkable space.

Timeless Quality

As ought to be evident by now, it’s difficult to go wrong with a stonework part in your home or office. But that doesn’t mean you should not seek out additional advice. For more information, or for assistance with choosing a stone inlay, border, backsplash, or decorative accent, so don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Oshkosh Designs. Our specialist artisans are waiting to assist bring you that feeling of permanent gratification that just grade stonework can bring.

Refinish Wood Floors the Dust-Free Way

shutterstock_1010859145You are evaluating hardwood floor restoration or repair processes. Why should you bother using “dust-free” refinishing? What are the advantages? More importantly: what would you miss out on, if you opt for a different strategy?

First of all, a”non-dust free” strategy can be quite messy. Envision your home and living room strewn with dust and plastic. Now imagine facing hours of annoying, nasty clean up chores to eliminate everything. When particles of dust input your home’s ventilation and HVAC system, breathing difficulties often follow. If you have children with asthma, for instance, the proliferation of very small debris can irritate his lungs and potentially cause him to suffer an asthmatic episode.

If you inhale dust, then you are able to create allergy symptoms, which can be frustrating. To ease these symptoms, you may take medication, which may have its unpleasant side effects (and price a bundle). These inconveniences accumulate. When scoping hardwood floor refinishing projects, the majority of people do not think about the price of allergy drugs in their cost benefit analyses. But they should!

You protect the workers who work in your home, and you get an superb result, aesthetically speaking. The advantages go beyond just how good your flooring will appear. You are not going to have to contend with dust particles raining down on your furniture or cover the expenses of hiring a maid service to clean up the mess.

Contact the Sunnyvale Hardwood Floor Professionals

At , our floor refinishing staff works hard to maintain homeowners safe, on-budget, and on-scope with their jobs. Give us a call today at 020 3151 1470 or email us via our online contact form to get a free quote.

5 Design Tips to Create Wellness in your Home

Untitled collageSome are simple, quick fixes you can do straight away with minimal exertion, some are longer-term projects it is possible to aim to implement when the time is right. We’ve compiled five of our favorite ideas.

Bring the outside in

Luckily house plants are being a second in popular décor because their advantages for both the air quality and also our emotional wellbeing are infinite. Certain plants help clean the atmosphere inside, assisting to eliminate formaldehyde and carbon monoxides. They are also still relaxing to look in and tend to. If you’re not a indoor plant person, try bringing other components inside like cut flowers, leaves or perhaps shells and pebbles.


Is there anything more stressful than not being able to find what you want, when you really, really want it? Start small and attack the home by the front door into the trunk. Maybe it is 1 cupboard or one draw in a time but think about each item. Do I need this? (or, does it”spark joy”? As the queen of decluttering, Marie Kondo would inquire.) Can it be thrown out? Recycled? Gifted? Repurposed? Or does this have to be someplace else at the house? A clutter-free house is more relaxing, joyous and productive.

Optimise Sun and fresh air

It isn’t important if you’re on a massive property or a inner-city flat; be certain to open those door and blinds to allow the light and atmosphere in! There is no better way to raise your mood compared to a very long walk, but when that is not feasible, blinds and doors available can help. Fresh air can’t just raise our mood but can also help with blood pressure, digestion and also proceed rancid air and scents from your house. It is going to also minimise condensation and mold which nobody needs in their house.

Contemplate all Substances

From the ground to the ceiling, every material, complete and part of furniture can affect our health. This is a larger picture notion, but if thinking about a refresh or a new house, think about the make-up and structure of every. Pick paints low in VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and flooring that are hard (for instance, wood or wood look) that make dust a lot easier to handle. If you would like carpet, go towards alternative dyed nylons that minimise shedding in addition to low-pile rugs that are simpler to vacuum.

Evoke the senses

Sometimes lighting a candle, using that bath you have or shifting furniture around can affect the way we feel at home. Ambient lighting creates a mellow disposition while understanding basic colour psychology might help us invent a palette that promotes a calm and happy home. Consider each of the five senses. What causes you to feel good? Think comfy textures (fabrics like linen, wool and felt for, example), pleasant scents like candles and flowers, minimising noises (hello rugs and suitable window treatments!) , beautiful and calming colours to visually enjoy and a well baked cake for good action.


Wood Flooring for Home Office

shutterstock_294213746With more and more people choosing to work at home, either on a self-employed or freelance basis or as part of an arrangement with their employer, the demand for home offices has grown appreciably over the past couple of decades. Oftentimes, a home office needs to double up with another use, like a spare bedroom or a playroom for children, therefore, before determining which flooring choice is best, it is a good idea to specify clearly which distinct functions the space will be utilized for. Irrespective of whether your room is going to be utilized only as a workplace, or whether it’s going to be dual purpose, either engineered or solid wood floors are great choices.

Making the ideal decisions for your home office flooring, in the same way as any other flooring project in the home focuses on things like the location of your office; the tear and wear it’s likely to endure along with the look you are hoping to make. Regardless of what your plans are, you’re likely to have the ability to create a stunning space which can inspire you on your work and will be practical in the exact same moment.

When you select between engineered and solid hardwood floors, you will need to give some idea to the positioning of this office and the subfloor you are working with. If you are converting a cellar, as an instance, to create a home office, there is very likely to be a level of humidity, even after you have carried out the necessary remedies. Due to the humidity in basements, it’s normally a good idea to select engineered hardwood floors because it is going to withstand the moisture changes greater than solid wood. Likewise if your office will be located in an attic area, engineered wood flooring is just about the best idea because of the temperature changes experienced in loft spaces. Outside of those locations, either engineered or solid wood flooring will normally work equally well.

When it comes to picking the perfect finish for your wood flooring in your home office, much depends on how much traffic you expect. If your office is only for you to work in, then you may safely choose the finish that best suits your personal preference, from at one end of this spectrum to lacquered in the other. But in the event the footfall in your workplace is very likely to be heavy, then it is worth contemplating a lacquered finish since it will better stand up to wear and tear.

Concerning which species of wood you select, this will depend on the appearance you are hoping to produce. The likes of oak flooring will never date and will never go out of fashion. If, however, you’re looking for a cutting edge, designer appearance, you might want to opt for one of the fashion options, for example Coffee Chic Natural Engineered Oak, Supremo Prime Strong Black Walnut or a brushed and white oiled end, like Natural Engineered Oak Brushed and White Oiled. In all honesty, the only limit to the design selections for your home office is the creativity!

And finally, one of the other great reasons for selecting hardwood floors for your home office is the fact that it’s so simple to clean and, with the proper care, will last a lengthy time. All your office flooring should require is a quick hoover plus a light mop every few days. Aside from that, unless there’s heavy footfall, it ought to be a relatively maintenance-free zone.


Easiest way to clean my hardwood floor

mop-stock-today-tease-160205_fdd4a2479f601c7120de6582228e1d28.social_share_1200x630_centerAll types of hardwood flooring are quite simple to look after and maintain clean. We often get asked,’what’s the simplest way to clean my hardwood flooring?’ . Especially from people who have a new hardwood floor. When it’s been installed, you will want to keep your flooring looking fresh and new.

The easiest way to clean your hardwood floor is to stick to a routine cleaning routine.

Cleaning routine

A cleaning routine does not have to be hours of sweeping, dusting and cleaning. If done properly and regularly, it may take just minutes from your day. We’d highly recommend that you take the following guidance:

  • Sweeping your flooring on a daily basis will remove any dust, dirt and pet hairs. Consequently, you’re less inclined to have scratches and dents on your floor if it is kept dirt free. Use a soft bristle brush to sweep your wooden floor.
  • Only use a vacuum cleaner if it’s the right attachment for a hardwood flooring.
    Wiping away spills or fluids from the surface of the floor can help to prevent water damage.
  • Cleaning your flooring regularly will help keep it looking fresh and new. We’d recommend cleaning your hardwood flooring at least once weekly to revive its lustre and shine.
  • Always use a cleaning product that’s suitable for hardwood floors. Also, use a microfibre mop as it’s delicate but effective in the surface of your floor.

Finest products to clean my hardwood Flooring
There are many different cleaning products on supermarket shelves that it may find a little confusing when picking which to use. Our top recommendation is:

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Spray Mop
This is why we think It’s the best product to wash your hardwood flooring:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to build
  • Has a built-in spray cartridge to the handle
  • Cleaning solution is ready to use
  • Removable microfibre cleaning pad
  • The cleaning pad is machine washable
  • The cleaning solution is specifically designed for wooden floors
  • Rotating head to reach into challenging regions


The Importance of Underlayment

hardwood-armstrong-roomsUnderlayment for your hardwood floors is important. Even in the event that you have never heard the word before, you soon will recognize why this is true. Let us take a look at some reason why it is worth to spend in this section of the procedure when you require new hardwood floors in your property.

More Stability

A solid hardwood flooring is simpler to walk across. Among the means by which you can tell something is wrong with your floors is when they start to feel unstable. The subfloor underneath the boards may be damaged during the installation or replacement process, which explains the reason why it’s essential to rely on professionals that know what they’re doing and won’t try to hurry the job.

Helps Cushion the Floor

Cushioning the flooring is too important to ignore. Nevertheless, you might not know exactly what this means initially. The underlayment protects the ground against damage left behind by repeated traffic. This helps extend the lifespan of their flooring before and repairs, refinishing, or replacement becomes necessary.

Cuts Down on Noise

A noisy floorboard can be irritating, whether you’re attempting to sneak in the kitchen for a late-night snack or not. Possessing noisy hardwood flooring can examine your patience since the sound is so annoying. Underlayment may also deaden the noise coming from the toes of your children and pets as they run and playwith.

Adds Insulation

Insulating different parts of your house becomes even more critical as winter approaches. You’d place insulation in your walls or your loft, so placing some under your floors is not out of the question. When you want more insulation, ask about how you can find an underlayment put down first!

Hardwood Flooring Installation and Maintenance from Floor Sanding North Kingston

At North Kingston Floor Sanding , our commitment to quality installation is apparent in all that we do, and that explains why our clients consistently rate us as one of the best contractors in the region. If you are prepared to speak with someone about your hardwood flooring project, we want to hear from you! Contact us 020 3151 1470 Or send us a message.

Quick Look: The Most Durable Floors

11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nWhen looking for a new floor, there plenty of features you need to pay attention to. One of the most important things to think about is the floors durability. This is particularly true if you have kids and or pets. In this post we’ve assembled some of the floors that we think are the most hardwearing. By taking a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, we aspire to make your choice a bit easier.

Solid Wood

A traditional and popular choice, solid wood is extremely hardwearing and looks amazing. This gorgeous flooring will probably outlive even you as it have incredible longevity. Even though it has a very long lifespan, strong wood can scratch quite easily. To assist with this, its crucial that you resend and refinish the floor every five or five years depending on the item. In case you choose to go for solid hardwood flooring, then first you need to check your sub-flooring. Solid wood floors can’t be exposed to moisture or changing heating levels. The pure substance expands and contracts with temperature changes and that is the reason why it cannot be used with underfloor heating.

Laminate Floors

If wood flooring is out of your budget, laminate floor can be a less costly alternative. Although laminate floors is completely synthetic, it imitates solid wood floors seamlessly. Similarly, laminate flooring is also hardwearing and can last many years. These floors definitely will not match the durability of a solid timber, but will provide you excellent use for several years. Unlike a solid wood nonetheless, laminate flooring are highly water resistant and resistant evidence. This means they may be utilized in rooms with frequent exposure to heat in addition to moisture. It’s also because of this water resistance which laminate floors are clearly easier to clean needing only a damp clean mop to maintain.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles aren’t to be confused with the ceramic or ceramic form. Unlike using a traditional tile, vinyl floor tiles provide that warmth and warmer feeling underfoot. Vinyl tiles are exactly as they seem, higher quality, luxury tiles made out of vinyl. With different flooring, a chip or scratch would be detrimental to the floor. You would probably have to replace a whole part of your floor to adapt for a replacement. Vinyl floor tiles nevertheless eliminate this time and price element. If a person becomes damaged, then simply lift out that one and replace it with a brand new one. Just like a regular vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles are produced from vinyl and are therefore very durable. These tile can defy water are scratch resistant and very hygienic.

As you may see, if you’re searching for something lasting you have a wide selection of alternatives on offer. There is no need to worry about budget as there’s a flooring option that meets anyones needs.


engineered-flooring-semi-solidEngineered hardwood flooring, the conventional type of making wood flooring, provides years of value to your home if you take good care of it. Unfortunately, the lifespan can be cut short if a couple of precautionary measures are not taken. Here are some tips for maintenance:

Maintenance Tips:

  • Placemats or carpeting at every entryway to collect dirt and grit. Dirt and grit behave as sandpaper on your end and will get the finish to become dull. If worn completely though, it’ll no longer function as protection against moisture.
  • Purchase a high-quality wood flooring safe vacuum or broom to sweep your timber floors regularly to pick up grains of soil, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Use the right cleaning and maintenance supplies for your hardwood floors. Employing the wrong cleaners can cause the end to look hazy and reduce the amount of time until you want to refinish your hardwood floors.
  • Avoid using a wet mop or excessive water to clean your wood floor. Excessive water exposure will cause your wood floor to crack or splinter. Mops should be wrung out well before applying over your hardwood flooring.
  • Maintain relative humidity in your house between 35-55% to stop excessive engineered-parquet-flooring-american-walnut-94860-3687031gapping or warping. Please keep in mind a few season gapping is normal, however, excessive gapping may never close up and is caused by severe dryness.
  • Covering furniture legs which may scratch or dent your timber floor. Chair legs that are frequently moved back and forth must be the top priority for applying sticky felt pads.
  • Follow manufacturer installation directions when laying the floors. Each manufacturer might have somewhat different recommendations and following them will ensure the flooring performs under the ideal conditions.

Engineered hardwood floors is one of the oldest forms of flooring and this manner of hardwood may last over half a century if nicely shielded. Purchasing solid hardwood is quite a lifetime investment.


11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nDuring the summer, there are few better feelings than setting up a comfortable chair and relaxing in your backyard in the warmsummer sun. But regrettably, summer is behind us, and as the temperatures continue to fall and the days get shorter, the opportunities to spend time relaxing outside become few and far between.

Do not fret though, since there is a solution to your issue — a conservatory. Conservatories have always been popular, but recent years have seen their numbers skyrocket. Not only does a conservatory provide you with additional space in your home, but it provides you the benefits of being outdoors, without having to be concerned about the weather! Conservatories draw a lot of natural light, making them great places to retreat to during the colder, warmer months.

If you are thinking about having a conservatory built in your house, hardwood flooring can be a terrific improvement; however before deciding on which type of wood you want to your flooring, you need to think about what function you want your conservatory to have.

If you’re restricted on space and can only have a small conservatory built, a milder hardwood like walnut or birch will reflect the natural lighting, providing the illusion of more space. It could be the case, but that you wish to produce a cosy place where you are able to hide away and have some time to yourself. If that is your goal, you may be better off going with a darker, more exotic hardwood, such as jarrah or jatoba, as these will make your conservatory feel welcoming and warm.

When some may point out this hardwood flooring can be colder on your feet than rug, by adding a rug you’re able to remove this issue, while still having the ability to enjoy the beauty of your hardwood floors .

By putting just a tiny bit of planning and thought into your conservatory, you can create an wonderful space that you are going to want to spend some time in all year round, whatever the weather.